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Click here to view pictures of the complete total body cleanse process and the "trash" that comes out. 

What is total body cleanse?

Optimum Health's total body cleanse is an opportunity for you to let your total body be cleansed, energized and invigorated while you relax with your feet in a warm bath of water.

How does total body cleanse work?

As the total body cleanse proceeds, the specialized electrical piece in the middle of the water breaks down the water into its hydrogen and oxygen ions. The hydrogen bubbles up into the air while the oxygen is magnetized and pushed towards the soles of your feet. Much in the way that standing on a piece of garlic for a few minutes will allow the garlic to enter the pores of your feet and eventually cause your breath to smell like garlic, the magnetized oxygen enters the pores of your feet during the total body cleanse process.

As the total body cleanse continues, the electrical forces unlock your cells allowing them to begin the total body cleanse detox process by dumping their toxins into your bloodstream. After entering your body, some of the oxygen ions enter your blood stream and circulate through your body. These oxygen ions join with the released toxins. When the total body cleanse equipment's magnet reverses its polarity to pull the oxygen ions back out of your body, the toxins that the oxygen are holding on to also come out.  As the total body cleanse process continues, the toxins collect in the water at your feet. Similar substances begin to come together and get big enough for you to actually see. This total body cleanse gives nearly all of your cells a chance to release their toxins. 

Everyone has a toxic load!

Do you feel very tired before your day has ended?
Are you wondering what is wrong with you and getting answers that don't seem reasonable?
Have you been diagnosed with a condition that just doesn't get better?
Are you aging faster than you think you should?


Click here to view pictures of the complete total body cleanse process and the "trash" that comes out. 

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