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Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP
Natural Health Practitioner

    TIANYA CLARK, HEALTH PRACTITIONER Education:  Notre Dame College, St. Paul's College, Medical College of Virginia, Certified Natural Health Professionals


Affiliations:  Certified Natural Health Professionals, Who's Who in  American Colleges & Universities, Canterbury Business Who's  Who, Strathmore's Who's Who

I  have been in the health arena for well over two decades. At Optimum Health, I have stayed on the cutting edge of healing for the last 18 years by applying medical knowledge and research skills to the field of natural health and nutrition.

When in medical school I had the opportunity to learn the human anatomy and biochemistry that is the backbone of my thinking.  Eighteen years of cross referencing traditional healthcare philosophies with natural healthcare philosophies has fleshed out my thinking in a way that is truly unique.  While completing my CNHP certification, it was fascinating to view the human body from the perspective of the experts in the field of natural, holistic health.  What was most amazing was iridology.  Learning to peer into a person's eyes and understand the genetic possibilities as well as the possible damage they may have caused with their life style choices was unbelievable.  However, to get a 100% correlation with the their physician's diagnosis quickly reassured me that this was a true science that I could use to guide my clients to life style choices that would encourage health.

I am thrilled to be able to take what I have learned and continue to help people return their bodies to vibrant states of optimum health. 
After examining one of my clients, a physician was surprised and said, "Wow!  Never before in the history of recorded medicine has diabetic neuropathy been reversed."  Yet, after 12 years of having no feeling in her lower legs, feet and hands, this client was able to feel a piece of cotton rubbed on the skin of her hands and feet.  

After two months on our program, a client's doctor noted that he no longer needed kidney dialysis.  The doctor said that his kidneys were, "working beautifully for his age"! 

After four months on our program, an oncologist was surprised that the client had not died yet and was sure that the cancer had to still be present.  He had a special test performed to find the cancer that had just totally destroyed one of her lungs and thoroughly ravaged the other.    Much to his surprise, the most sensitive of test came back "negative for cancer" three times!  This client is still alive nearly two years later.

A client's body reversed the neuropathy, palsy and paralysis of his foot.  When his podiatrist released him from his care, he told him, "Every time I drive pass the building, I wonder what she is doing in there to get such amazing results." 

With a little determination, removal of damaging toxins and listening to your body's specific request to ensure that you have all nutrients needed, the body can usually heal itself and be vibrant. Not only will it heal itself of most conditions on the inside, it will also begin to have the beautiful glow of Optimum Health on the outside.

Don't deal with health situations alone or accept the opinion of just one health professional.   Give us the opportunity to give you a second opinion, and become your ally as you consider all your options on your journey back to your Optimum Health status!

It truly is my pleasure to help you look good…inside & out!


Ayana J. Clark, CDS

Certified Detoxification Specialist

Education: Detoxifiation Certification from Optimum Health

I wear many hats at Optimum Health.  I was the detoxification specialist Assistant from 2009 to 2013.  During that time I tended the front desk and assisted our natural health practitioner.  In June of 2013, I completed my cerification and now serve as a certified detoxification specialist.  I am fully capable of operating our equipment, answering your questions, and making sure that your stay at Optimum Health is a pleasant one.  And, yes, you may still see me at the front desk scheduling your appointents and helping you select products to take home.

I have fond memories of growing up at our center with our clients.  Many of our clients remember when I was a small child happy to assist them.  Now, I am a young woman still willing to serve.




Optimum Health does not have any medical physicians on its staff.  Our goal is to help your body heal itself.  If you want to treat your diseases, please see a physician.

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