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Health Kinesiology, Why try it?

Health Kinesiology heals your body naturally.  Health Kinesiology treats the body as a whole and heals your body from the inside out.  Health Kinesiology has been known to eliminate allergies.  Health Kinesiology is helpful for many different ailments and is highly effective with stress and helping you to live a happier life.  Health Kinesiology can solve the mysteries behind what is really wrong with you.  

Have you ever visited your doctor for some ache or pain and after examining you and running multiple tests he looks at you with a grim look and says he has no idea what is wrong with you?  This is when a Health Kinesiologist can help you.  The Health Kinesiologist can link to your body's knowledge of itself and determine the root cause for what is wrong with you. 

What is Health Kinesiology?

Health Kinesiology is a systematic approach that works with the body’s own inborn intelligence and its ability to heal itself.  You are unique, with a genetic blueprint unlike anyone else’s. The most valid source of information about you is YOU. Health Kinesiology gives you the key to unlock this knowledge. It is a non-intrusive, non-invasive, safe, and gentle practice that employs a variety of bioenergetic balancing methods to help you alleviate stress and make significant life changes.

The more you learn about your mind and body, how they work, and what is beneficial or detrimental to you, the easier it becomes to attain wellness.  Health Kinesiology can help you do that.

Only your body knows whether you can achieve 100% healing. Your practitioner can muscle test for an expected percentage of healing, which often depends on your willingness to incorporate lifestyle/dietary changes. If you have sustained major tissue/organ damage, energy corrections may not be able to overcome all damage to achieve optimal function.


Your Health Kinesiology session will start with a brief discussion about your concerns.  Then, you will be checked, fully clothed, for meridian energy balance through a short series of non-invasive procedures using muscle testing.   Your Health Kinesiology session will be comprised of different corrections tailored to your body.  These  Health Kinesiology corrections set the healing process in motion. 


Health Kinesiology Session:
What effects can you expect and when?

After each Health Kinesiology session, you can expect the healing to take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or sometimes months.  During this time, you probably will enjoy many noticeable improvements. If allergy or tolerance corrections are done, you will notice reduced sensitivity to the substances. For psychological corrections, you might simply feel less stressed by the topic or situation.  Many clients comment that one day they wake up and the topic that was worked on doesn't stress them anymore. Pain, scar, and trauma corrections can display results that your doctor will be able to validate by observation and even changes in blood tests.

After a Health Kinesiology session it is often necessary for the body to cleanse itself before it can return to optimum health. This cleansing can take many forms, such as headache, fatigue, mild aches and pains, and increased eliminations, to name a few. Your Health Kinesiology practitioner will explain how best to minimize the response if it happens in your case.

For chronic or long-term symptoms, Health Kinesiology corrections may need to be done in a specific order and time frame, each one setting the stage for the next step in the healing process. The process is like peeling an onion, and it may take a number of Health Kinesiology sessions over a period of years before the symptoms are fully alleviated.  In these cases marked improvements are noticed with each health kinesiology session all along the healing process.

Health Kinesiology session, What happens?

Your Health Kinesiology session will start with a brief discussion about your concerns.  Then, you will be checked, fully clothed, for meridian energy balance through a short series of non-invasive procedures using muscle testing. If a meridian is found to be out of balance, the acupressure points for that meridian are lightly held until it comes into balance. This assures the greatest accuracy in muscle testing.  A normal Health Kinesiology session last one or two hours.  Many times the initial session is two hours and future sessions are one hour. 

Once the meridians are in balance, the Health Kinesiology practitioner begins to question the body as to what other Health Kinesiology corrections are needed.  The Health Kinesiology corrections elicited are specific to your body and to experience correction, a stressor is identified (through muscle testing) and introduced to the body. Acupressure points are then held to rebalance the energy system in the presence of that stressor.

Each stressor has its own vibrational frequency, whether it is a thought, color, sound, smell, allergen, homeopathic remedy, flower essence, therapeutic oil, or magnet. Everything is made up of atoms. All atomic structures vibrate uniquely due to movement of the electrons in the atoms.  We are used to thinking of sound and color with vibrational wavelengths, but we seldom think of a rock or a piece of wood or a thought as having a frequency, but they do. These are some of the tools that the Health Kinesiology practitioner may use to facilitate energy movement in the body.

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